Tintoria di Quaregna was established in Biella in 1948 and has always had a high quality dyeing-plant and has always been a firm which excels at treating noble fibres (cashmere and wool); we started working with many companies in our Biellese territory and then grew into a respected brand with an international presence.

We are offering an impressive range of textile dyeing processing units. We are proud to be one of the noblest parts of the textile production cycle and, beside traditional dyeing, we have already introduced a highly skilled natural dyeing based on plants and herbs and -at the same time- we keep on studying and reviewing ancient dyeing techniques by proposing them either to artisan producers or to large-scale manufacturers in modern terms with due respect for the environment.

Our dyeing technique radically differs from other techniques because we have been using plants coming from the entire world for a long time. Some of the herbs come from Italy or just around our district: it is a philosophy that is deeply ingrained in our company’s culture: our supplies get inspiration from the Italian so-called “km zero” (you buy right in the place where the product comes from, saving carriage), trying to be supportive of local community projects and the nearest regions in which we operate. With regards to Green-economy, some international observers are keeping an eye on us.
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