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Nome Filato: Biancospino

Titolo: NM 2/30

100% NATIVA – RWS Extra fine merino wool

NATIVA – RWS – WOOLMARK Natural Coloration Technology

Stock Service

BIANCOSPINO Nm 2/30 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool – NATIVA – RWS

A perfect balance between Nature and Technology
Knitwear becomes even more sustainable with the natural organic dye of our Biancospino yarn.

  • A 100% natural dyeing process without chemicals, additives, dyeing powders, extracts but only DRIED HERBS.
  • A fascinating method that combines the innovations of the past with the skills and technologies of today.
  • Total control of each phase of the production process from the selection of the NATIVA – RWS wool , of the dyeing herbs, to the dyeing and spinning transformation of our Biancospino nm 2/30.
  • Stock service a chromatic palette of 60 reproducible and intense colors, from delicate pastels to dark blue and black.
  • The benefits are the absence of chemicals and toxic substances.
  • Waste and emissions are reduced with the recycling of production waste such as fertilizers in agriculture or biomass for the production of renewable energy.
  • Change is countered by reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and replacing the use of synthetic textile dyes derived from petroleum with the cultivation of plants that absorb CO2.
  • Pollution is reduced as the colors of the NATURAL line are biodegradable.
    There are no allergic reactions. The colors are great

Transaction certificate of our NATIVA – RWS wool
Name of farmers NATIVA

Climate action starts at the source of the materials we choose.

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