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Agnelle of Biella

Name: Agnelle of Biella

ID: 1W2500T

Typology: Autoctone Biellese wool, herb dyed

Title: 2500 NM – 200g | 250m


The Biellese sheep breed is the main indigenous breed of Piedmont. The Biellese is a large breed of sheep. The head, devoid of horns, has a convex profile with large and pendulous ears. The fleece is white in color, but there are also, in a small percentage, subjects with black fleece.

This completely natural line is born from the attempt to recover the Biellese wool tradition, created with wool from Biella sheep farms with a particular soft, silky fleece and very warm. The skeins are 100 gr x250 meters. produced by the Quaregna dry cleaners.

Climate action starts at the source of the materials we choose.

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